Complete quality commitment

A complete quality commitment at Midwest Railcar Repair keeps your cars on track and prepared for their assignments. We understand that detailed inspections and thorough project supervision are critical to quality control.
Midwest Railcar Repair’s commitment to quality incorporates those inspections before each maintenance stage and ensures that highly trained personnel handle all aspects of your car’s repairs.

Certified: Specification M-1003, AAR Quality Assurance program for:

  • Office Manual Rule 88 and Heavy Freight Car Repairs
  • Tank Car Repairs including Qualifications
  • Specification M-214, Side Frame and Bolster, Reconditioning and Classification

Certified: Specification M-1002, AAR Class C Tank Car Repair Facility including (HM-201) Qualification

  • With on-site LPWHT, Tank Car Valve Reconditioning Capability
  • On-site Qualified NDT Personnel:
    • AWS-Certified Welding Inspectors
    • Level II-VT (Visual Test)
    • Level II-RVI (Remote Visual Inspection)
    • Level II-UT (Ultrasonic Flaw Detection)
    • Level II-UTT (Ultrasonic Thickness Test)
    • Level II-PT (Liquid Penetrant Test)
    • Level II-MT (Magnetic Particle Test)
    • Level II-BT (Bubble Leak Test)
    • Level II-HT (Hydrostatic Test)
    • Level II-IR (Thermography Inspection)